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Maichael Kurniawan
Published: 21 Sep 2021

Introduction to Bakso Solo

Bakso (Meatballs) is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. From small children to adults, all love bakso. In Indonesian, it is very easy to find meatballs around us, whether meatballs on the side of the road or meatballs that look like restaurants. From those whose prices start from 8.000 Rupiah to 30.000 Rupiah. And in Indonesia itself, there are various types of bakso. Bakso Solo, Bakso Malang, Bakso Meletus, Bakso Gepeng, Bakso Beranak, and any other. Now I want to talk a little about Bakso Solo.


Although the name is bakso solo, this meatball comes from Wonogiri. But because many people who sell these meatballs prefer to stay and live in Solo, in the end, they are more famous with the nickname bakso solo. And actually, this culinary comes from China, and then many Wonogiri people learn the recipe. In the beginning, they were selling by walking around using a cart. Go from one place to another. This tradition is still a lot, but only a few people want to sell using that method.

The hallmark of the bakso solo is that the basic ingredient they use is beef, then it is given a layer of beef, then added with yellow noodles and vermicelli, don't forget to add pieces of celery. Bakso solo itself has advantages in its very fresh and delicious sauce.

The Most Delicious Bakso Solo

The most bakso solo is Bakso Alex. Bakso Alex is the most delicious and in demand because of their savory meatballs and smooth meatball texture, and strategic location. The recommended menus are smooth meatballs and tendon meatballs. If you are in Solo and want to visit and taste these meatballs, you can directly come to Yosodipuro road 12B, Ketelan, Banjarsari, Surakarta City, Central Java.

Fun Fact

The picture above is a meatball seller who is selling his meatballs with a cart

Indonesian people say the most delicious meatballs are meatballs that sell on the roadside. Although it looks less clean, the taste that is served is very delicious. So it can be said that the cleanliness and goodness of the place they sell in selling meatballs do not guarantee the taste will be good.

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