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Thekiantra Morriston
Published: 01 Dec 2022

The tradition of eating together in Indonesia, from which tribe?

Hi neighbors! Indonesia is famous for its ethnic diversity. It cannot be denied, the diversity among us produces its own uniqueness compared to the traditions of other countries. However, like our country's motto "Different but still one" there is a unique habit that we all have, namely the tradition of eating together. The main purpose of this tradition is of course to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood which are very important for social beings. This time I will discuss some traditions of eating together in Indonesia.

Makan Bajamba

This tradition comes from Minangkabau land, West Sumatra. Makan Bajamba is usually done on Muslim celebration days. Makan Bajamba will begin with a festive party with traditional Minangkabau music performances. This tradition is held to evoke a sense of togetherness.

Ngariung Sunda

Eating together in the Sundanese style is no stranger to us. By spreading banana leaves across the rows of people sitting cross-legged, Nasi Liwet and side dishes are served on it. Ngariung itself in Sundanese means "to gather".

Megibung Bali

This Balinese tradition was originally used by the king of the Karangasem region to communicate and exchange ideas with his soldiers. For followers of this tradition, they will usually sit together to form a circle consisting of 8 people per team. The food is served in the center of the circle and shared with each other.


Rijsttafel is a eating habit introduced by the Dutch during the colonial period. "Rijst" means Rice, while "Tafel" means Table. In the past, the Dutch would invite guests to eat together and show off the variety of "exotic" foods in Indonesia served on the table with rice.


In the modern era, the Buffet is better known as the Buffet. This tradition was introduced by French colonialists to forced laborers in the past. In the past, food would be displayed on long tables and workers would take the food themselves. Nowadays, buffets are used by several food establishments. The buffet is divided into 2, All you can eat and you pay according to what you eat.

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