Hi Neighbors! People in the Arabian Peninsula, Middle East and North Africa depend on a diet of dates, dried fruit, nuts, wheat, barley, rice and meat. The meat comes from large animals such as cattle, sheep, and camels. They also eat dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, and buttermilk (labneh). The combination of these ingredients creates unique and special dishes. Let's discuss the must-try Arabic foods.


Knafeh is a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with spun cakes called kataifi, soaked in a sugar-based sweet syrup called attar, and usually coated with cheese, or with other ingredients such as cream, pistachios or nuts, depending on the region.


Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish that originated in the Ottoman Empire, consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and grilled on a slowly rotating rotisserie. Traditionally made with lamb or mutton, it can also be made with chicken, turkey, beef, or veal.


Baklava is a layered pastry dessert made of filo pastry, filled with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup or honey. Baklava is one of the most popular sweet cakes of Ottoman cuisine.


Falafel are fried balls traditionally found in Middle Eastern cuisine, usually made from chickpeas, although some variants contain broad beans or fava beans. Hot and crunchy on the outside, soft and herby on the inside, Falafel is enjoyed by people all over the world.


Tabbouleh is a Levantine salad made mostly of finely chopped parsley, topped with tomatoes, mint, shallots, bulgur, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and sweet pepper. Some variations add lettuce, or use semolina instead of bulgur.

Baba Ganoush

Baba ganoush is a Mediterranean eggplant dip made of grilled eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Like hummus, it tastes great with pita or fresh vegetables, but its smooth texture and irresistible smoky flavor sets it apart.

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