Pepes is a cooking method using banana leaves as food wrappings. Then inside, it is filled with the primary raw materials, such as chicken, mushrooms, shrimp, or others, then seasoned with spices. This food is usually eaten with warm rice and tempeh chips or crackers.

Today I want to tell you about one very delicious Indonesian food. This food has a very distinctive aroma, several types, and a delightful and savory taste. The food is spicy. I never heard of this dish for sure. There are various kinds of Pepes, and there are tofu, milkfish, chicken, mushrooms, prawns, and many more. I would prefer shrimp paste and tofu Pepes. Which one do you like?


Pepes is a typical Sundanese food originating from Pasundan. The exact time when It began to exist is still unclear, but it is clear that it has been a long time. Then Pepes itself comes from the word "pais," Pepes is made from various kinds that we can find in nature, like the habits of the Sundanese. For example, if we fish from there, we can make peppers. Then we have chicken. We can also cook chicken Pepes. Then the essential ingredients are given spices and wrapped in banana leaves.

If using the traditional way, it will take quite a long time, approximately eight hours. The course is by pulling It wrapped in banana leaves on top of them along with the wood-burning. The advantage of using the traditional method is that the peppers become more fragrant and delicious.

Fun Fact

Because they are both wrapped in banana leaves, many people think Pepes and grilled rice are the same. Even though, at first glance, it looks the same. But if you can say grilled rice at a glance, it is alike to Pepes because it also has many types. But if it's grilled rice, you don't have to eat it using rice because it already has rice in it, but if it's spicy, you have to eat it with rice.

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