Almost all Indonesians like soupy food, and soupy food is also one of the favorites Indonesian eat at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In Indonesia, we are certainly no strangers to Soto and Bakso, and we can say that these two soupy foods are the most favorite for Indonesians. Which one do you prefer? Bakso or Soto?
But did you know that in ​​Central Java, to be precise in Purwokerto there is a soupy food that is different and regional specialist food from Purwokerto. This time I want to tell you about one of the culinary legends from Purwokerto, namely sahoun.
Sahoun is noodles that are shaped like kwetiau but thicker and bigger, and the color is white. The basic ingredients of It dough are tapioca flour, rice flour, and wheat flour. Then given sliced leeks and chicken meat broth, which is the main characteristic of sahoun.


The first branch itself is on Kaliputih road on a small street next to Purwokerto Wetan Elementary School. In addition, the taste served to customers never changes, always the same and delicious.
Sahoun itself is inspired by Chinese cuisine. It is a variation of the layer cake we usually see in the market. Then given sauce and toppings, and more likely to taste salty than sweet.

Fun Fact

Many people think Sahoun itself is a noodle or kwetiau from China, but the texture and taste are completely different. And for now, you can only find sahoun in Purwokerto. Other than that, because the it is very filling, some people just prefer to order the sauce with shredded chicken.

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