Hi Neighbors! Rice is the most consumed grain in the world. This energy source for the majority of the Asian population has many variations in each country. Some menus are more popular than others. Therefore, let's discuss the most popular rice menu.

Kare Raisu

Japanese curry is a very popular dish in Japan. Since curry is almost always served with rice, the term karē raisu is often used. Curry was brought to Japan by the British in the 19th century, when Meiji-era Japan welcomed foreigners and their goods.


Sushi is Japan's most famous culinary, usually made with rice and stuffing rolled up in a sheet of dried seaweed. However, the term sushi is actually an umbrella term encompassing various subvarieties that can be made with a variety of different ingredients and in a variety of shapes and presentations.


Bibim means mixed, and bap means cooked rice, so bibimbap literally means mixed rice. The rice is combined with various ingredients such as sliced beef, namul (sliced vegetables), soy sauce, gochujang (thick red chili paste), and fried or raw eggs on top.


Biryani is a classic dish that originated in the Mughal Empire. The main ingredients of a biryani are rice (ideally basmati), spices, meat, eggs, or vegetables, and a variety of optional ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts and yogurt.


This very popular and very versatile dish consists of a base of rice and broth. Butter, saffron, and parmesan are some of the ingredients most often combined with basic ingredients to make a variety of flavorful risottos. The history of this dish is full of conflicting theories about its origins, however, it is certain that rice was first introduced to Italy by the Arabs during the Middle Ages.


Widely recognized as Spain's most popular dish, paella is a 1-pan dish that focuses on Saffron-flavored rice, while additional ingredients may include meat, seafood or vegetables. Although paella originated in Valencia, where it was made with seasonal vegetables, poultry, rabbit, and snails, in modern Spain, the name is used for all rice dishes prepared in paellera or paella - the traditional shallow pan in which both are used. for cooking and serving.

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