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Thekiantra Morriston
Published: 22 Sep 2022

Special Food of Each Province of Indonesia, Part 3

Hi Neighbors, Indonesia, which has a very diverse food taste, is one of the prides of this spice country. Each region has a special taste on the tongue of the audience. Therefore, we have collected the Special food of each province of Indonesia which of course you need to try.

Bali - Babi Guling

Initially, babi guling was used to serve both traditional ceremonies and religious ceremonies, but nowadays it has been sold as a dish in stalls, restaurants, and even certain hotels in Bali and other areas.

Nusa Tenggara Timur - Se'i Sapi

Se'i meat or Se'i is a smoked meat dish originating from the Province of East Nusa Tenggara. In the Rote language, se'i means meat that is cut into small pieces lengthwise, then smoked with coals until cooked.

Nusa Tenggara Barat - Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang is one of the typical Indonesian dishes from Lombok which is popular with its savory and spicy taste that bites. Always awaited for spicy food lovers.

Gorontalo - Es Brenebon

In the Gorontalo language, brenenbon means red beans. Brenebon ice is a refreshing drink from Gorontalo. Apart from being a dessert, some people make brenebon their main dish because it is quite filling.

Sulawesi Barat - Binte Biluhuta

Binte biluhuta or also known as milu siram which literally means watered corn is a typical food of the people of Gorontalo, Sulawesi, Indonesia. If interpreted from the Gorontalo language, the word binte means "corn" and Gorontalo people often call it milu with the same meaning, while biluhuta means "watered".

Sulawesi Tengah - Tinutuan

Tinutuan has similarities with Manado porridge, but this porridge contains more vegetables than Manado porridge. Therefore, tinutuan is a food recommendation for those of you who don't like vegetables.

Sulawesi Utara - Cakalang Fufu

Cakalang fufu is a dish of processed skipjack tuna that is seasoned, smoked and clamped in a bamboo frame. This food is a typical dish from Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Sulawesi Tenggara - Sate Gogos Pokea

Sate gogos pokea is a satay made from shellfish, the name pokea itself is the local name for shellfish. Scallop satay is usually served without any spices (only boiled clams then stabbed by bamboo) or sometimes made like sweet bacem seasoning.

Sulawesi Selatan - Coto Makassar

Coto Makassar has a savory taste that comes from stewed meat, offal, and spices. Coto Makassar is usually enjoyed with ketupat wrapped in coconut leaves and buras or burasa, which is a type of diamond wrapped in banana leaves.

Maluku Utara - Gohu Ikan

In the North Maluku region, there are dishes made from raw fish such as sashimi from Japan or ceviche from Peru. Is gohu fish which is a typical food of Ternate and made from raw tuna or skipjack.

Maluku - Sagu Papeda

Papeda is a food in the form of sago porridge typical of Maluku which is usually served with tuna or mubara fish seasoned with turmeric. Papeda is white and has a sticky texture resembling glue with a bland taste. Papeda is a food that is rich in fiber, low in cholesterol, and quite nutritious.

Papua Barat - Manisan Pala Fak Fak

As the name implies, this snack is made from the basic ingredients of nutmeg, typical of Fak Fak district.

Papua (Daerah Khusus) - Udang Selingkuh

Quoted from nationalgeographic.grid.id, cheating shrimp is a dish that is often found in Wamena. Cheating shrimp itself has a habitat in the Baliem River. The name cheating shrimp itself was given because it saw shrimp claws that looked like crabs.

Those are special food of each province of Indonesia. So Neighbors? Interested in trying quality homemade food from Kokikan? There's no need to be afraid! because with Kokikan you can try home-cooked food around you which of course has a varied taste. Don't forget to comment and share this article. To read more Articles visit our Blog and stay tuned on our Social Media Instagram and Twitter. Cheers Neighbors!

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