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Thekiantra Morriston
Published: 15 Sep 2022

Popular Desserts from Japan, Delicious!

Hi Neighbors! Did you know that Japan also has expertise in making sweet and delicious desserts to eat? Some Japanese desserts have influences from European pastries, but some use local ingredients from Japan. So let's talk about popular desserts from Japan.


Castella is a Japanese sponge cake inspired by the pastries introduced by Portuguese missionaries to Japan in the 16th century. A simple cake of eggs, flour and sugar, castella is light and dense with a subtle sweetness. Nagasaki is considered Japan's "castella capital," and castella cakes are a popular omiyage souvenir to take home from the area.

Fruit Sando

In Western cuisine, most sandwiches are more savory than sweet, but in Japan, furutsu sando (fruit sandwich) is a popular sweet. They are made with whipped cream and fresh fruit between two slices of crustless sandwich bread. Popular fruit choices include strawberries, kiwis, bananas, and mangoes.


Wagashi are Japanese sweets that are traditionally enjoyed with tea. These include daifuku, mochi rice cakes filled with sweet bean paste; dango which is usually served with three or four pieces on a skewer. Because wagashi is difficult and time consuming to make, most people buy it instead of making it at home.


Cakes filled with anko (sweet red bean paste) are very popular in Japan. One such example is taiyaki, a red bean filled cake shaped like a red snapper, which is believed to be a sign of good luck in Japan. Other examples include dorayaki, a pastry made of anko sandwiched between two pancakes, and imagawayaki, a baked round plate filled with anko.

Japanese Cream Puff

Choux cream puff is a popular dessert or snack in Japan. There are many delicious variations to choose from, such as cake toppings, chocolate sauce, or powdered sugar. They are all so delicious it was really hard to decide which one to try. It's similar to a profiterole, choux la crème, or simply, cream puff.

Those are popular desserts from Japan. So Neighbors? Interested in trying quality homemade food from Kokikan? There's no need to be afraid! because with Kokikan you can try home-cooked food around you which of course has a varied taste. Don't forget to comment and share this article. To read more Articles visit our Blog and stay tuned on our Social Media Instagram and Twitter. Cheers Neighbors!

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