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Maichael Kurniawan
Published: 23 Sep 2021

Introduction to Chicken Porridge

Chicken porridge is one of the very popular foods with the community. Aside from that, it is deliciously tasty. Chicken porridge also has a low price and can be found in many places. Those who like to cook can also make their own at home because the ingredients for chicken porridge are also almost easy and not much.

For lovers of chicken porridge, of course, the most proper time to eat it is at breakfast time, because in addition to being filling, eating it for breakfast can increase the spirit and mood for the better. Then don't forget when eating chicken porridge, there is one thing intestine satay or egg satay, plus warm, bitter tea or warm sweet tea. The taste will be more delicious. Well, today we will discuss information about it.


The porridge itself is a dish that comes from China. Precisely in the year 238, there was a very long drought, causing food ingredients to be very scarce and the people suffering. At that time, the Emperor in charge was Emperor Xuan Yuan. Then the Emperor accidentally spilled hot water into the rice. And that is how Porridge did.

Then in the year 219, there was a healer who used porridge to give to sick people. Finally, the porridge became famous for helping the healing process from that moment. Because of the texture of the porridge, porridge used as a complementary food to breast milk for babies who are not permitted to eat rice.

Fun Fact

There is a unique thing in Indonesia, namely when eating porridge, it stirred or not stirred. The topic of this is significantly developed and discussed in the community. Many people have different opinions according to the Topic, because of its many pros and cons. But eating porridge with stirring or not stirring is the taste of each person. But eating porridge with stirring or not stirring is the taste of each person.

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For your attention, thank you and see you in the next article. Stay safe guys.

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