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Maichael Kurniawan
Published: 27 Sep 2021

Introduction to Betutu Chicken

In Indonesia, most of the food is made of chicken. Because of that, there are various kinds of food from chicken meat. Then one area famous for food that has a very characteristic spice exists in Bali. There are many types of food, one built from chicken and the most famous is Betutu chicken.
Betutu chicken itself can use another ingridients. Usually, the chicken can be applied over seasoned and then grilled. The Purpose of betutu chickens is to use traditional ceremonies or religious ceremonies. And for the consumers themselves, not only Balinese or Indonesians but also foreigners. You could relate this betutu chicken is an icon from Bali. If people say it, about everyone else especially in Indonesia will immediately think of Bali.


Betutu chicken itself has started to exist since the 16th century, precisely during the Majapahit kingdom. At that time, a lot of followers of Majapahit who were Hindu and moved to Bali. Majapahit brought many cultures to Bali. one of its culinary cultures is betutu. it comes from the Gianyar area and then spreads to other sites. Betutu chicken itself means grilled meat (derived from tunu and be).

For Your Information

If cooking betutu chicken using the old way takes approximately ten hours. And luckily, now there is modern equipment that makes it easy to cook, now we only need five hours. In Bali, one of the most popular and delicious restaurants sells it. The restaurant is Men Tempeh.

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