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Maichael Kurniawan
Published: 24 Sep 2021

Introduction to Soto Sokaraja

There is one of the favorite foods for Indonesian especially Soto Sokaraja. Whether a young child or an adult, you must be familiar with this one food. Besides remaining fresh and tasty, Soto is also filling and unique taste. Soto itself began to exist in the 19th century. It has the original name caudo or jao, which means spiced offal.

In Indonesia, there are various kinds, but there is a very legendary one, namely Soto Sokaraja. Finding from its name, we know that Soto Sokaraja comes from Sokaraja, one of the areas in the city of Purwokerto. So on this time, I will tell a little about it.

For Your Information

Soto Sokaraja is better known as Sroto Sokaraja by the people of Banyumas. This soup is famous because of the spices, making it have a distinctive taste. In addition, the peanut sauce and ketupat made by themselves make it more delicious. Many people eat this soup with mendoan and do not forget the hot, bitter tea.

Fun Fact

Even though Soto Sokaraja is the most expensive Soto in Purwokerto, many people like it. Even one person is not enough to eat one portion. It's strange if other foods will change from time to time. For Soto Sokaraja the taste remains traditional, or the taste remains the same. And we can choose for ourselves whether we want to use beef or chicken.

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