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Published: 25 Aug 2021

"I'm bored of the food from delivery choices"

I just heard from my friend talked in a Mom only WhatsApp group that she is already bored with the choices of food from the current food delivery app in the market.

Because the food selection and restaurant is always the same and also felt guilty eating it. After that she felt that maybe she needs to start cooking then, but she doesn't want to do it!!!

I'm thinking to myself just wait for it, we are coming for you

With Kokikan since offering the freedom for home cooks to cook any kinds of meal anytime they want create a place where you can expect different kind of food base on the neighbor you have and what they will cook that day! or even the other days. So it will never be the same

Since working on Kokikan for 5 months now we have launched in selected community with few cooks on our team.

Looking forward to grow and expand our offerings to more cooks and neighborhood!

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