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Published: 20 Oct 2022

How to Sharpen a Knife and Keep It Sharp

Hi Neighbors! Every few months, you'll notice that your knife has a harder time producing very thin slices and precise dice. Your knife can slip easily when cutting. Besides being annoying to use, dull knives can be very dangerous. To keep your fingers in good shape, you need to learn how to sharpen a kitchen knife using a sharpening stone or honing rod. Here's how to sharpen a knife and keep it sharp.

The difference between sharpening with a honing rod and a whetstone

You've probably seen someone use a sharpening rod to "sharpen" a knife. But a sharpening rod only aligns the cutting edge on the blade to allow for a smoother, safer cut. Sharpening your knife with a whetstone can really sharpen it. So yes, you need to do both. Use a honing rod weekly or whenever you use a knife, and sharpen your knife every few months, or at least annually depending on how often you use it.

How to Sharpen With a Sharpening Stone

The man using whetstone to sharpening chef knife

The best way to sharpen a knife is to use a whetstone. A rectangular block that acts almost like sandpaper, helping to straighten and smooth the edge of the knife as you slide the knife across it. Most whetstones are designed to be soaked in water before use, so check the manufacturer's instructions to be sure.

If your whetstone needs soaking, soak it in water until absolutely no bubbles come out, 5 to 10 minutes. To use it, hold the blade at a 20-degree angle to the whetstone, and gently drag each side of the blade several times. Most whetstones have a "rough side" and a "fine side"—start with the rough side if your knife is very blunt, then repeat the process on the smooth side. Flush the stone with water when it starts to look dry.

2. How to Sharpen with a Knife Sharpener

This tool is a quick solution for dull knives, Just press the blade against the rough side, pull it in towards you a few times, then move on to the smooth side. Learning how to use a knife sharpener may come in handy in an emergency, but it's not the best solution. Using it too often can erode the blade.

How to Protect the Blade with a Honing Rod

Chef sharpening knife against white background

Now that you've sharpened your knife, use a honing rod weekly to keep the knife edge straight. Don't worry about damaging your knife because of the frequent use of the honing rod. The process doesn't erode your blade the way it does sharpening with a whetstone.

Attach the blade from the bottom with a honing rod with an inclination of 15°-20°, Then pull it up to the tip of the blade, Repeat 10 times per side of the blade.

Simpan dengan Benar

Set of sharp knives on magnet

After you have successfully sharpened your knife, make sure your knife is stored properly. Don't just put a knife in a drawer. Use knife holders or knife guards to maintain sharpness.

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