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Thekiantra Morriston
Published: 08 Sep 2022

How Eggs Are Cooked in Various Countries

Hi neighbors! Eggs are very important for human daily life. This protein source can be stored longer than meat. This simple material are able to be processed with various types of dishes. Therefore, let's discuss how Eggs are cooked in various countries.

Japan - Tamagoyaki

Tamagoyaki is a pretty dish consisting of thin layers of cooked eggs and rolled up to make a spiral pattern. Depending on how the tamagoyaki is seasoned by the maker, this dish can be quite sweet. The unique shape of this dish is obtained using a special rectangular tamagoyaki pan, but you can get the same result using a regular round skillet.

South Korea - Gyeran-jjim

Basically, gyeran jjim (steamed eggs) consists of beaten eggs with water and something salty, such as salt, salted prawns, or fish sauce. Seasonings such as scallions and sesame seeds, as well as other vegetables and ingredients, can be added.

Mediteranian - Shakshuka

Shakshouka is a Maghrebi dish consisting of poached eggs in tomato sauce, olive oil, paprika, onion and garlic, usually seasoned with cumin, paprika and chili.

China - Century Egg

Century egg is an egg-based dish made by preserving duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, whiting, and rice husks for several weeks to several months, depending on how they are processed. The yolk becomes dark green to gray in color, with a creamy consistency and a strong taste due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, while the white becomes a dark brown, translucent jelly with a salty taste.

England - Scotch Eggs

Making Scotch eggs involves wrapping the eggs in sausage, coating the outsides, and deep frying the whole thing. When you bite into a Scotch egg, the satisfying crunch of the deep-fried breadcrumbs gives way to the soft center of the yolk, making this dish a culinary triumph.

Those are how Eggs are cooked in various countries. So Neighbors? Interested in trying quality homemade food from Kokikan? There's no need to be afraid! because with Kokikan you can try home-cooked food around you which of course has a varied taste. Don't forget to comment and share this article. To read more Articles visit our Blog and stay tuned on our Social Media Instagram and Twitter. Cheers Neighbors!

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