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Published: 08 Jul 2021

Home-cooked Food Can Be Just as Delicious as Restaurant Food

Who says good food has to be coming from restaurant?

Look at this news covering an out of work chef start selling food from her home and building a successful business that attract even celebrity to visit and taste her home made sandwiches

If you start to break down, what's the actual differences between a professional chef cook it in the commercial kitchen compare to normal guy like you and me cooking it at home?

From the comment of Chefs that work before in kitchen actually they say that there is not much difference except that materials are ready to cook, things are organized in a certain way that prepare us to serve better. Are we able to replicate this at home? the answer of course is YES!

Therefore we in kokikan truly believe this with the leverage of technology we would be able to bring out people to become home chef and serve quality food to their neighbors.

Stay tune!

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