People are bound to eat, but everybody has the preferences that they hold according to choose what they want. There are a few things that make you one step closer to a kitchen by knowing their terms.

In addition, in a cooking world, menus will improve along with all the stations that the kitchen has. But fewer people think that there is structure inside the kitchen.

There are several stations in the kitchen world you ought to know:

  1. The Saucier Station.
  2. The Poissonnier Station.
  3. The Rotisseur Station.
  4. The Entremetier Station.
  5. The Pattisier Stattion.

1. The Saucier Station

As the title said, The Saucier Station is responsible for creating many sauces. For instance, Applesauce, Rich Meat flavored sauces, Sautéed items even stew. Adding the Saucier section will enhance the flavor of the product even more.

The technique that The Saucier Station depends on the user, But in a certain way, Sauces alone can take many hours to perfect it, that is why people prepare a lot from the beginning of time to make it excellent, it takes a lot of preparation and trial. 

2. The Poissonnier Station

The Poissonier Station is responsible in order to make some dishes after fish, seafood, and any other preparation. And here’s the fun you can combine any sauce to make your gourmet more delicious.

3. The Rotisseur Station

The Rotisseur Station specialty is meat, they roast, grill, and often braise the meat, here you will find out plenty of techniques from cutting to know the quality of meat so the meat can bring out maximum delicacies.

4. The Entremetier Station

The Entremetier Station is active to use ingredients like vegetables, potatoes and any other besides meat or fish, basically it’s like soup, stock, or anything that creates based on the element above.

5. The Pattisier Station

The Pattisier Station is focused on how to make such as baked cake, basically, it’s made for sweet items like a dessert or anything that only focus on pastry. Bread, decoration for cakes it also includes to The Pattisier Station.

So now when people said they want to join one of the stations from the 5 above, you can define what you wanted depending on your creativity and much more, talents.

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Bakpao comes from the Hokkien language, Roubao. The name Bakpao comes from a combination of the words Pao and Bak. Pao means to wrap, and Bak means meat. So, Bakpao is a wrap containing meat. In the Hakka / Khek language, Nyukpao / Yungpao, the meaning is the same: wrapped meat.

Bakpao at first contains pork because most Chinese people consume pork. But along with time and culinary developments, the filling in the bun does not only have pork meat. There are many varieties to filling a Bakpao, including chocolate, peanut butter, fruit jam, chicken meat, beef meat, and vegetables.

History of Bakpao

The first Pao was developed in Chinese culture as a filled form of Mantau, created by legendary 3rd Century military strategist Zhuge Liang. On the way back from battle during his famous Southern Campaign to quash a rebellion around the area which is now Sichuan province. Zhuge encounter with an enormous logistical challenge. The strategist has defeated his enemies but was staring at the prospect of defeat not by an army but by a river that is impossible to cross.

The river was said to be closely guarded by a Deity, who refused to allow safe passage to Zhuge unless he threw the heads of 50 of his soldiers into the river. Wanting to satisfy the Deity's demand without sacrificing his troops, Zhuge ordered 50 buns that looked like a human head to be thrown into the river due to their flat bases and round shapes. The plan was successful. Zhuge and troops deceived the Deity, a safe passage was granted, and the buns were named Mantau (Barbarian's head). Since then, the food has been known as Bakpao until to this day.

How to Make Bakpao

1. Prepare the pao dough

First place the flour, instant yeast, sugar, and salt in a mixing bowl. Use a mixer and add cold milk or room temperature water. Add cooking oil. Besides, you need to knead for 7 minutes. After 30 minutes, divide the dough, roll, and shape each piece into a ball. Wrap with plastic wrap and let it rest for 30 minutes in a warm place.

2. Prepare the pao filling

You need to prepare the filling in advance and leave it cool. The filling is various depending on people's tastes. Hence, suggestions for char siu filling:

Prepare the filling. Also you can start mixing all the ingredients and seasonings except flour. Let it to a boil and cook the pork until it is cooked. Put 2 tsp of the red yeast rice powder and 2 tsp of all-purpose flour. Finally the pork mixture will start to thicken and glue together. Set aside wholly cool before wrapping.

3. Wrapping the pao

Wrap and pleat the dough to seal the filling. Allow it 20 minutes at room temperature before steaming.

4. Steaming the pao

Place the pao in the steamer tray. Furthermore, Boil some water into the steaming pan. Please leave it to steam over medium heat for 10 minutes. Please turn off the heat and leave it cool for 5 minutes. Finally, the Bakpao is ready to serve, eat while still nice and warm.

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Basil Chilli is it Beneficial?

Indonesia is a culinary utopia by Indonesian residents or by certain foreign residents. Culinary records in Indonesia are also very long. In Indonesia, you can find various kinds of culinary, whether it's sweet, sour, spicy, or mild. From halal dishes or regular dishes and includes Basil Chilli.

One thing that does Indonesian cuisine so different is that it is spicy. There are different types of chili sauce in Indonesia itself, spicy, sour, or sweet-spicy sauce. Of the many types of chili sauce in Indonesia, there is one chili sauce, namely basil sauce, which has an almost spicy level of spiciness but has a distinct aroma and taste from chili sauce in general.

The basil chili sauce is formed from cayenne pepper, salt, monosodium MSG, shrimp paste, brown sugar, salted fish, and basil leaves. This chili sauce is ideal for eating with chicken, duck, fish, and beef. Then Basil can also add it with warm rice and warm tea. Usually, people who eat this chili sauce must be very spicy but delicious.

For Your Information

According to Zoetmulder and Robson's Old Javanese-Indonesian Dictionary and Timbul Haryono's archaeological study in the Food and Beverage Inventory in Written Archaeological Sources, chili has been about since the 10th century. The chili itself is popular and easy to find on the island of Java. Chilli becomes a rare food category, and finally, for treatment as herbal medicine to treat various diseases, and more important that people suggest, and it creates something named Basil Chilli.

Fun Fact

Basil, which we often encounter as a food complement for fried chicken and fried duck or fried fish, is a plant with many benefits, one of which is primarily a medicine to help cure digestive or stomach ailments. Basil itself would be beneficial for people because of the ingredients that will affect us.

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Wajik or diamonds, for those of you who often play cards, are most familiar with this. But do you know that in Indonesia, perhaps even more famous on the island, there is a famous and delicious snack called Wajik cake?

Wajik cake is a traditional sweet-tasting snack originating from Central Java. Wajik cake is mixed from glutinous rice with brown sugar and then given coconut milk. Generally, the color is brown but not infrequently there are also pink or green ones and others. Wajik is one of the foods that are quite important in Java. In some traditional ceremonies, they use diamonds as offerings or as one of the main activities of a traditional ceremony, such as the Sekaten festival, there is a Tumplak Wajik ceremony. While in Pekalongan Regency, there is a regional Wajik specialty called Wajik Klethik.


Wajik cakes have existed since the days of the Majapahit kingdom. This is written in the Nawaruci book, Empu Siwamurti writes us. It wrote us around 1500-1619, one of the literary works thick with Hinduism. More or less in that year, the teachings of Islam were developed on the island of Java.

Fun Fact

Did you know that if you want to use Wajik cake, you have to eat rice or what to eat first? Because diamonds are made of sticky rice, you can't eat them on an empty stomach because you can get ulcers later. Do you believe it or not? if I believe it because since I was little, it's always been said that.

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Pepes is a cooking method using banana leaves as food wrappings. Then inside, it is filled with the primary raw materials, such as chicken, mushrooms, shrimp, or others, then seasoned with spices. This food is usually eaten with warm rice and tempeh chips or crackers.

Today I want to tell you about one very delicious Indonesian food. This food has a very distinctive aroma, several types, and a delightful and savory taste. The food is spicy. I never heard of this dish for sure. There are various kinds of Pepes, and there are tofu, milkfish, chicken, mushrooms, prawns, and many more. I would prefer shrimp paste and tofu Pepes. Which one do you like?


Pepes is a typical Sundanese food originating from Pasundan. The exact time when It began to exist is still unclear, but it is clear that it has been a long time. Then Pepes itself comes from the word "pais," Pepes is made from various kinds that we can find in nature, like the habits of the Sundanese. For example, if we fish from there, we can make peppers. Then we have chicken. We can also cook chicken Pepes. Then the essential ingredients are given spices and wrapped in banana leaves.

If using the traditional way, it will take quite a long time, approximately eight hours. The course is by pulling It wrapped in banana leaves on top of them along with the wood-burning. The advantage of using the traditional method is that the peppers become more fragrant and delicious.

Fun Fact

Because they are both wrapped in banana leaves, many people think Pepes and grilled rice are the same. Even though, at first glance, it looks the same. But if you can say grilled rice at a glance, it is alike to Pepes because it also has many types. But if it's grilled rice, you don't have to eat it using rice because it already has rice in it, but if it's spicy, you have to eat it with rice.

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In Indonesia, most of the food is made of chicken. Because of that, there are various kinds of food from chicken meat. Then one area famous for food that has a very characteristic spice exists in Bali. There are many types of food, one built from chicken and the most famous is Betutu chicken.
Betutu chicken itself can use another ingridients. Usually, the chicken can be applied over seasoned and then grilled. The Purpose of betutu chickens is to use traditional ceremonies or religious ceremonies. And for the consumers themselves, not only Balinese or Indonesians but also foreigners. You could relate this betutu chicken is an icon from Bali. If people say it, about everyone else especially in Indonesia will immediately think of Bali.


Betutu chicken itself has started to exist since the 16th century, precisely during the Majapahit kingdom. At that time, a lot of followers of Majapahit who were Hindu and moved to Bali. Majapahit brought many cultures to Bali. one of its culinary cultures is betutu. it comes from the Gianyar area and then spreads to other sites. Betutu chicken itself means grilled meat (derived from tunu and be).

For Your Information

If cooking betutu chicken using the old way takes approximately ten hours. And luckily, now there is modern equipment that makes it easy to cook, now we only need five hours. In Bali, one of the most popular and delicious restaurants sells it. The restaurant is Men Tempeh.

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There is one of the favorite foods for Indonesian especially Soto Sokaraja. Whether a young child or an adult, you must be familiar with this one food. Besides remaining fresh and tasty, Soto is also filling and unique taste. Soto itself began to exist in the 19th century. It has the original name caudo or jao, which means spiced offal.

In Indonesia, there are various kinds, but there is a very legendary one, namely Soto Sokaraja. Finding from its name, we know that Soto Sokaraja comes from Sokaraja, one of the areas in the city of Purwokerto. So on this time, I will tell a little about it.

For Your Information

Soto Sokaraja is better known as Sroto Sokaraja by the people of Banyumas. This soup is famous because of the spices, making it have a distinctive taste. In addition, the peanut sauce and ketupat made by themselves make it more delicious. Many people eat this soup with mendoan and do not forget the hot, bitter tea.

Fun Fact

Even though Soto Sokaraja is the most expensive Soto in Purwokerto, many people like it. Even one person is not enough to eat one portion. It's strange if other foods will change from time to time. For Soto Sokaraja the taste remains traditional, or the taste remains the same. And we can choose for ourselves whether we want to use beef or chicken.

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Chicken porridge is one of the very popular foods with the community. Aside from that, it is deliciously tasty. Chicken porridge also has a low price and can be found in many places. Those who like to cook can also make their own at home because the ingredients for chicken porridge are also almost easy and not much.

For lovers of chicken porridge, of course, the most proper time to eat it is at breakfast time, because in addition to being filling, eating it for breakfast can increase the spirit and mood for the better. Then don't forget when eating chicken porridge, there is one thing intestine satay or egg satay, plus warm, bitter tea or warm sweet tea. The taste will be more delicious. Well, today we will discuss information about it.


The porridge itself is a dish that comes from China. Precisely in the year 238, there was a very long drought, causing food ingredients to be very scarce and the people suffering. At that time, the Emperor in charge was Emperor Xuan Yuan. Then the Emperor accidentally spilled hot water into the rice. And that is how Porridge did.

Then in the year 219, there was a healer who used porridge to give to sick people. Finally, the porridge became famous for helping the healing process from that moment. Because of the texture of the porridge, porridge used as a complementary food to breast milk for babies who are not permitted to eat rice.

Fun Fact

There is a unique thing in Indonesia, namely when eating porridge, it stirred or not stirred. The topic of this is significantly developed and discussed in the community. Many people have different opinions according to the Topic, because of its many pros and cons. But eating porridge with stirring or not stirring is the taste of each person. But eating porridge with stirring or not stirring is the taste of each person.

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Moon Cake Festival is a tradition from Chinese people or Chinese descendants. Although not a native Indonesian tradition, it is very well in Indonesia, and almost all Indonesians know about it. Mooncake Festival is a ritual and ceremony carried out by the Chinese people. Generally, these festivals holding during the autumn festival. Or also every 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar calendar. In Indonesia, mooncakes have several names, namely gwee pia or Tiong Chiu pia.

The most interesting thing at the festival is the night because we can gather and eat together. Then after that, you can go out for a walk or go to the yard to pick while enjoying the beautiful moon. There will be many interesting events and performances almost everywhere in China during Mid Autumn Festival. Still, it is also no less exciting in Indonesia, although it is not as lively as the event in China. Still, many activities of Chinese citizens or Chinese descendants are carried out. Below are examples of activities that are usually carried out in Indonesia.


The history of this festival is that there were ten suns in ancient times, then there was one male warrior who shot nine suns, so only one. After that, the initially hot earth became normal. Then the people were very grateful to the warrior.

Finally, the warrior met a girl, fell in love, and married. Then because of his great service, the warrior is a gift by a goddess, namely a pill of eternal youth. Then one day, a student heard it wanted to steal it. The disciple stole it to no avail in the end because the swordsman's wife finally ate the pill. After eating the pill, the wife turned into a goddess.

Because sad every night, the warrior looks at the moon while eating moon cakes because his wife now lives on the moon. Finally, the wife is called the moon goddess. Many villagers also gave offerings to the moon goddess to ask for blessings and protection. Eventually, the tradition continued and was ultimately commemorated as the autumn festival and formed Moon Cake Festival.

Fun Fact

examples of variants of moon cakes that we usually encounter in celebrations

Because the moon goddess or goddess Chang'e likes to eat moon cakes, many people offer moon cakes to her. Besides, they also know that Chang'e is an ordinary woman who takes a magic pill that makes her immortal, causing believers to eat mooncakes, a symbol of immortality. For those of you who like mooncakes, when eating them, try not to overeat. Because not good for your health because it contains quite a lot of sugar, and salted eggs also have too much salt.

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