When we were young, mother would tell us what we can and cannot do and That is Kitchen Myths. Then sometimes she said that if we do this, it will do us something bad for a while. When my mother said that, we must believe her because when we were young, we didn't know that it was a fact or a myth. When we grow up we know that facts are different from myths. But there are a few people who still believe in the myths about their mothers said, maybe they have had bad experiences. Which people are you? Who believes in myth or fact?

But do you know that there are also a few myths about cooking? According to below, we want to tell everyone what can’t be done in the kitchen against myths.

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The Myths

  1. Put it in the cup to know if an egg is good or not

The ancients said, if the egg is put in a glass filled with water, if it floats, the egg is good. But if he drowns eating it is a sign that the egg is not good.

2. Add onions to cold water

Another Kitchen myths is to Add Onion to cold water. Because when cutting an onion our eyes will sting, so before cutting it we have to put it in cold water so that when cutting it doesn't sting our eyes.

3. Don't store butter other than in the fridge

Butter should be refrigerated. because if you don't put it in the fridge, the butter will melt. then also will be loose rotten.

4. Don't eat scallops that don't open while cooking.

Because it is considered mussels that do not open while being cooked means the scallops are not cooked or not tasty.

5. Use salt to get rid of the fishy smell

The fishy or seafood smell of pungent fish can be removed, by soaking it in salted water.

For you, how about you after reading it? Believe in yourself or not about the above? Then if you want to try it at home, you can do it, so I hope this information is meaningful to you.

Questes of Wednesday

The truth or the myth is not important. It seems that the book or the newspaper don't know which is important. The most important thing is that from there we can get how much knowledge

Do you have any questions, or what do you want to know next time, you can talk about it in the comments. In the next opportunity, we will try to prepare the best for all of you. We hope that this article is meaningful to you.

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For your attention, thank you and see you in the next article. Stay safe guys.

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