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Thekiantra Morriston
Published: 01 Dec 2022

Acehnese food that must be tried

Hi Neighbors! Aceh is the westernmost province of the Republic of Indonesia. Aceh was once a point of the world's spice trade route. In fact, one of the causes of Aceh's heyday in the 16th century was its appeal to international spice traders. Neighbors can all imagine how rich the taste of spices is in Acehnese food. If one day Neighbors visit this province, I have several culinary tourism destinations that Neighbors must visit.

Kopi Solong Ulee Kareng

This coffee shop is one of the most visited coffee shops in the city of Banda Aceh. The Solong coffee shop was founded by H. Muhammad Saman, or better known as Abu Amad Solong, in 1974 whose coffee blend he had discovered since 1969. Now, Solong Ulee Karang Coffee already has its own Gallery and Coffee Rostery for roasting, packaging, and product sales coffee, and already has several outlets spread across Aceh.

Warung Nasi Kambing Lem Bakrie

The mainstay menu in this restaurant is Goat Curry. However, it's not only that menu that you're looking for in this place, the typical Acehnese Chicken Catch is also very popular and is available every day at this shop.

Mie Razali

Of course, when you hear "Aceh Typical Food" Acehnese noodles are one of the foods that come to our minds. But what makes Mie Razali different from Mie Aceh sellers in Jakarta? some of the differences are from the selection of spices and toppings provided by Mie Razali such as mutton, squid, shrimp, and even whole crabs.

Bu Sie Itek Bireuen

Sie Itek is a food similar to curry or curry made from duck. Using at least 20 kinds of spices, the fishy smell of the duck disappears and is replaced with a savory aroma. Warung Bu Si Itek Bireuen will serve you their mainstay menu along with delicious side dishes.

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