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Alfonso Kenny
Published: 16 Dec 2021

10 Cooking Tricks You Can Do to Spend Less Time on Kitchen

For some people, cooking might be scary and makes people nervous. Cooking also might be boring for some people, especially when live from selling cooking they have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Well actually, besides reading the recipe of things that you want to cook in the kitchen, there are some tricks that are usually done by a professional chef that we can do it too to not waste time in the kitchen. Well, it's not all about mixing stuff and spices to the cooking but also from how we taste the cooking and using the kitchen utensils the right way can be a successful cooking parameter.

Some cooking might need a long time to consider as success. But, wasting time is a different thing. So, to avoid wasting time in the kitchen, especially for someone busy and have other things to do immediately. This trick is also good for someone who wants some side hustle by selling their cooking, so you can save time on cooking and spend more time on marketing. Here are the 10 tips to make the cooking process faster and efficient.

1. Don't use a small pan

Why? It's because when you saute, fry, or grill, it is really important to not using small pan. the small diameter of the surface tends to create more steam that makes your cooking burned fast. If you want to make a cooking with melty texture inside and a bit of brownish outside, avoid using small pan because it will make all part looks brownish. Instead, use a bigger pan.

2. Sharpen your knife

When it comes to cutting, everyone prefer to pick sharp knife rather than blunt knife. Reason is because you don't need much effort to cut, sharp knife makes cutting much more easier. To sharpen knife, you can sharp it by your own with knife sharpener. Indeed, getting sharp knife will make your cooking process faster.

3. Always put the garlic in the last part of cooking

If you want to add garlic to your cooking, you can add it later on in the last so the garlic doesn't burnt. Garlic can be cooked quickly around 20 seconds or less depends on the temperature of the pan. If it is overcooked, it will taste bitter and the aroma will be gone.

4. Add dry spices in the beginning and fresh spices at the end

Dry spices take time to taste stronger in cooking. That's why it's better to put it in the beginning. For fresh spices, please do not put them in while still cooking. You can put fresh spice after you are nearly done with the cooking so it doesn't taste bitter.

5. Use adequate cooking oil

Giving enough cooking oil into sauting pan can make your cooking less sticky and less burnt. Same goes as smearing with oil before grilling. Cooking oil also gives savory taste to food. When it comes to cook with high heat like grilling and sauting, choose vegetable or soy cooking oil. Choose butter or olive oil for low heat cooking.

6. Control the heat temperature

Giving high heat to the pan or putting the food into the oven can make it cooked quickly, but it will also make the food burnt outside and raw inside. Well, if you want to cook meat, you can start with high heat and lower the heat after the meat is cooked. If you want to cook a vegetable, start from medium heat because vegetables is very fast to cook. Make sure that you carefully control the heat, don't let it get smoky because it will make the food burnt.

7. Use acid like vinegar and lemon

If you have taste your cooking and it feels like it doesn't taste right, but in other hand you have use all of the ingredients. Try to add a bit of lemon water, lime water or a bit of cooking vinegar. Acid can help to increase the flavor without making it sour. With this, the cooking will taste more savory.

8. Season and taste food as you cook

Salt is the most important seasoning when it comes to cooking. adding a sprinkle of salt into the cooking will make it tastes more delicious. You can also add a bit of salt to the dough when you are making a sweet food to balance the sweet flavor. If you are selling cooking you have to adjust the taste for the customer.

9. Prepare all the stuff you needed before you cook

After you know what you want to cook, the next step is preparing all of the ingredients needed. Preparing stuff can help you cook faster without have to stop or confusing things in the middle of the cooking process. Before you cook, you have to make sure that you have cut all of the ingredients that need to be cut, and put all of the seasonings needed into small cups or bowl. For selling cooking, you also need a packaging and bags.

10. Place your kitchen utensils as neatly as possible

Cooking effectively with limited space can be difficult. Most of the time people think that putting a blender, mixer, pan, kettle and so on in a table is normal. But actually, with that things on a top of a table will make you difficult to cook effectively. It's better to keep it inside the cupboard so you can cook freely without getting bothered with things.

Now, that you know these 10 tricks, you won't waste your time anymore in the kitchen. You can also sell your cooking in Kokikan easily and for free. All you have to do is download the apps at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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