A New Way to Eat

Discover and order homemade food cook by your Neighbor

More Varieties

Sick of the same restaurant food near you? Now you have more food choices and it's never the same

For now or later!

Make order base on delivery date and plan well ahead or just eat what's available now!

More Personal

You are ordering food from real people that live around you

Delivery is always free

Well, is just around you!

Many Payments Option

Already accepting all these payments


What is Kokikan?

Kokikan is a Marketplace for homemade food that cook by your neighbor

What is a Neighborhood?

Neighborhood is a group of people who live in the same area.

What is a Cook?

Cook is your neighbor who sells his/her food at kokikan.

How safe is my food?

Your food must be safe. For join at kokikan Cook must pass the vetting process before start sell the food, 
and your food is delivered by the cook himself, without involve any third party.

What are you waiting for?

Let me in!